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Mentees should be intermediate to advanced artists who hold a solid understanding of the basics and want to take their stylised art skills to the next level with professional studio-style experience. The program has been developed around Mooncolony’s process as a studio, following the structure of real-life 
client projects. By the end of the program, you should not only have a polished Hearthstone-style illustration to add to your portfolio, but also a better understanding of what it takes to create digital art from within a professional studio.

This is your opportunity to get the ultimate customised learning experience with direct access to an industry expert. Each week, your mentor will assess and help develop your skills in relation to your personal goals, positioning yourself for creative and professional success. Get guidance, receive feedback, ask questions and gain life-long skills that will push your art abilities across all of your future digital illustrations.

Adventures await. Are you in?

Meet your mentor(s):

Ekaterina “Rin” Shapovalova,

Lead Artist at Mooncolony.

Fluent in Russian and English

Program Aims

By the end of this course you will:

• Have a new Hearthstone-style illustration to boost your portfolio
• Develop your overall stylised illustration skills
• Gain a new understanding of the client/studio relationship with mock-studio experience

Is this mentorship for you?

This mentorship is right for you if:

• You are an intermediate or advanced artist with a solid understanding of the basics
• You are interested in pushing your stylised illustration skills further
• You are keen to understand the studio process and client expectations
• You need professional input on your work to take your career forward

Mentorship Structure

Week One - Introduction and Planning

Week one is your introduction to the program. Here you will meet with your mentor and establish your goals, exploring any desired topics. Your mentor will also review your portfolio with you. The task for this week is gathering references, and organising mood and reference boards. We will also warm up by analysing existing Hearthstone cards and understanding the style better.

Week Two - Sketching

In week two we will enter the sketching phase. Here we will explore composition and framing; discuss how you can approach the sketches; how to know when the sketch is done and good to go. The task for this week is to produce three rough sketches that will begin your final piece.

Week Three - Sketch Refinement and Rough Colours

After reviewing and refining your rough sketches from week two, week three will focus on your rough colour options. Your mentor will discuss the use of colour and light in greater detail. The task for the week will be to provide three rough colour options for your illustration.

Week Four - Rendering

Week four is when we move on to rendering. With your mentor, you will discuss your rough colour options before selecting a final option. This week, you will explore the art of balancing the scale of details, and how to achieve that iconic painterly look. The task for the week is to take your chosen rough colour and push it to the final stages.

Week Five - Polishing

Week five will focus on polishing your final illustration and file prep. The task for this week is to apply any final feedback and add the polishing touches. You will also be cleaning up the file to the industry standard. This will be your final opportunity to ask any questions about your work.

Student work

Emrah ElmasliFounder & Creative Director


Mooncolony · Artwork