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Mooncolony is a concept art and illustration outsourcing studio with an Earth-hub located in Cambridge, UK. In addition to successfully colonising the moon, we pride ourselves on providing premium 2D art and illustration services to video game developers across the globe - from free-to-play (F2P) mobile games to AAA blockbusters.

Our tight-knit team is the driving force behind our success, sharing a united passion, enthusiasm, and high standard for digital art. Decades of combined experience meet with a diverse range of talent and skills, allowing us to effectively adapt to any project. 


Our studio specialises in concept art, illustration, character design, art direction and marketing art. Looking for a visual development service that hasn’t been listed? Get in touch with our team to have a discussion about how we can meet your needs. We tailor our services to sync with your production pipeline as seamlessly as possible. From sketch to release, our clients trust us to deliver cutting-edge creative solutions with a superior finish.

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Emrah ElmasliFounder & Creative Director

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