Project TypeCharacter Design and Illustration
ClientN3twork Inc.

Since Mooncolony’s inception in 2016, we have been collaborating with the mobile game developer N3TWORK, inc. to design and illustrate a variety of mythical characters for the Legendary: Game of Heroes.

Legendary: Game of Heroes is a puzzle-based RPG mobile game, combining match-3 gameplay with hero card collection and fantasy lore. Set in the fantasy world of Korelis, your goal is to assemble the ultimate team of legendary heroes as you battle beasts, warriors and Gods.

“Legendary provides quite a big array of ideas on characters and creatures, so that makes it quite fun to work on but also provides a challenge, which is nice as it doesn't get dull over time.”

Silviu Sadoschi, Character Designer

For over six years now, we have enjoyed a strong ongoing partnership with N3TWORK, inc., producing over 380 captivating illustrations for Legendary: Game of Heroes (and counting!). Our character designs have covered a vast range of themes, from the rich tapestry of Greek mythology to celestial beings, warriors, pirates, anthropomorphic creatures, and beloved fantasy archetypes such as dwarves, orcs, and elves. 

“Being able to create characters full of personality, in different poses and expressing various emotions is something I've always been striving for as an artist so this project helps me stay on my toes”

Silviu Sadoschi, Character Designer

Wondering what our character design process looks like? It all begins with rough linework, as we explore various poses and designs for the client to review. Once we receive the green light on a specific design, we move forward to refining the initial sketch. This phase involves cleaning up the linework, adding intricate details, and incorporating flat colours and lighting to create a solid foundation for the digital painting process, known as rendering. With this methodical approach, we ensure that our characters are visually compelling and consistently meet the expectations of our clients.

“We’ve been collaborating with Mooncolony for the past two and a half years, developing character illustrations for our game, “Legendary: Game of Heroes”. It’s been a pleasure working with Emrah; he and his talented group of artists are reliable, receptive to feedback, and their character design and illustration skills are exceptional.”

Blake Lyons, Character Art Director, N3TWORK, INC.

What we find particularly exciting about working with N3TWORK, inc. are the fresh and unique briefs that allow us to push the boundaries of our creativity. We cherish the opportunity to continue bringing fresh ideas to the game and look forward to many more years of partnership. We’re proud to be able to display a selection of our favourite legendary creations here, so have a browse! Who would you pick to be on your team of legendary heroes?