Project TypeCard Illustrations
ClientBlizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone is Blizzard Entertainment’s free-to-play digital collectable card game (CCG) that builds upon the lore and world of the esteemed MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Cards are the basic pieces that make up the gameplay of Hearthstone. Each card represents an action that the player can take by playing that card. There are five main types of cards: minion cards, spell cards, weapon cards, hero cards, and location cards.

Hearthstone receives regular updates, expanding the list of cards available to players. In addition to producing several cinematics with Blizzard Entertainment, the Mooncolony team has also supplied many of these card art illustrations and character skins.

"When it comes to speed, consistency, and quality I find Mooncolony to be the perfect partner for our art production needs."

Jeremy Cranford, Art Outsource Lead, Blizzard Entertainment

Every card is a little story in itself. It can be a bit of a challenge to fit this story into a card frame, while also considering the readability of the in-game size.

Ekaterina Shapovalova, Associate Art Director

Hearthstone cards are one of my favourite illustration types to work on. The universe surrounding the game is so wide that it allows you to draw and paint with a lot of freedom, especially around the colours.

Mattia Rangoni, Concept Artist

When I first see a briefing for a Hearthstone card, I begin the process by noting down my initial ideas and collecting references to have a solid base to work with. I usually approach the sketch phase in a rough way, becoming more specific the more I dive into rendering. I try to keep the process organised so that I’m able to respond to any possible feedback. Personally, I think these always present me with an interesting challenge and are huge amounts of fun to do.

Mattia Rangoni, Concept Artist