Project Type2.5D Cinematic
ClientBlizzard Entertainment

Shown during Blizzconline 2021, this 2.5D cinematic trailer is one of several Hearthstone cinematic trailers that Mooncolony provided the illustrations for. Hearthstone is a free-to-play online collectible card game (CCG) that builds upon the existing lore of the legendary World of Warcraft (WoW) series from Blizzard Entertainment.

This expansion introduced a set of 135 collectable cards and transported players to the vast, dusty savannah known as the Barrens, the ancestral homeland of the Horde faction in World of Warcraft. The Barrens is a crossroads. It’s a diverse territory where various races including tauren, trolls, and orcs gather to prove their worth and prepare for battle with the Alliance, the opposing faction in WoW. Through our illustrations, we aimed to capture the uniquely vibrant and rugged environment of the Barrens, and the spirit of the Horde.


We follow a similar production process across all of our Hearthstone cinematic projects. Once we receive the final storyboard and brief, each shot is broken down and divided across specialist artists. For instance, one artist might focus on line work and others will work on characters and backgrounds.

One of our biggest advantages is the involvement of several artists who have prior experience working on Hearthstone. Their familiarity with the game's visual style and aesthetic is invaluable when it comes to achieving a cohesive look and feel.

Watch the full trailer to see our illustrations and art come to life below.

For The Horde!

Mooncolony Credits

Dmitry Khrapovitsky, Ekaterina Shapovalova, Alex Alexandrov, Rafael De Guzman, Tim Shevtsov, Vladimir Kafanov and Emrah Elmasli

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