Project Type2.5D Cinematic
ClientBlizzard Entertainment

This trailer sets the scene for a 35-card mini-set Hearthstone expansion, featuring one of World of Warcraft’s iconic dungeons: Onyxia’s Lair. Located in Dustwallow Marsh, Onyxia’s Lair is home to the powerful black dragon Onyxia.

Also known as the Broodmother, Onyxia is the daughter of Deathwing, one of the most feared bosses in World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion. Onyxia assumed the human form of Lady Katrana Prestor to infiltrate the royal court of Stormwind as an advisor to King Varian Wrynn. She manipulated the king and shaped the kingdom's politics to maintain control and weaken the stability of Stormwind.


This was another great opportunity for the Mooncolony team to collaborate with Blizzard’s incredible motion story team, producing highly rendered illustrations for a fantastically produced 2.5D cinematic trailer. Using our layered illustrations and camera manipulation, the 2.5D animation blends elements of 2D and 3D to create the illusion of depth and dimension. See all of these elements come together in the full cinematic below. Remember, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Mooncolony Team

Ekaterina Shapovalova, Mattia Rangoni, Dan Santandrea, Rafael De Guzman, Dmitry Khrapovitsky and Alex Alexandrov