Project Type2.5D Cinematic
ClientBlizzard Entertainment

We are thrilled to have once again provided the art and illustrations for another exciting Hearthstone cinematic trailer. Grab your wetsuits and brace yourselves for "Voyage to the Sunken City," a Hearthstone expansion from Blizzard that delves into the mesmerizing depths of Zin-Azshari, the submerged ruins of the ancient night elf capital within the Kaldorei Empire (for those clued up on their World of Warcraft lore!).

Behind the scenes, many talented teams join forces to create these polished productions. And speaking of talented individuals, our brilliant artists play a pivotal role in the process. It begins with a storyboard and initial direction from the Blizzard team, setting the stage for a collaborative effort involving up to seven skilled artists, overseen by our dedicated project managers and art directors. 

One of our greatest benefits is that many of our artists have previously worked on Hearthstone; on card art, game boards and other cinematics. Their understanding of the game's distinctive visual style is an invaluable asset, enabling us to achieve a consistent look throughout all of the illustrated shots we provide. Each illustration is incredibly complex and with layered elements so that it can be 2.5D animated.

“I was really excited when I first saw the colour keys for this project. They were so moody and evocative, so was quite easy to get into the right frame of mind to paint it. What I love the most about working on any of the cinematics is seeing the final product of the combined effort from us as a team as well as all the other teams involved in the process. I’m always surprised by the results!”

Mattia Rangoni, Concept Artist

There's something truly magical about watching our illustrations come alive through the incredible animations and magnificent music. The ongoing collaboration between our artists and Blizzard’s cinematic team ensures that our illustrations blend seamlessly with the Hearthstone universe, delivering unforgettable visuals. So hold your breath as we dive down into the forgotten world of Zin-Azshari...

Mooncolony Credits

Alex Alexandrov, Rafael De Guzman, Mattia Rangoni, Dmitry Khrapovitsky, Alexandre Leoni and Robert Litja

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