At Mooncolony, we believe in actively promoting a creative and collaborative culture. We understand the importance of encouraging our team's development, ideas, and personal growth. That's why, in addition to client projects, we support and dedicate time to internal projects that allow our team to unleash their creativity and explore their own interests.

Below is an internal stylised environment project. Our aim for this environment illustration was to showcase an idyllic setting of a lively Nordic village, situated high up in the mountains with a scenic view of the sea in the background. This piece features the peaceful village's happy dwellers and their friendly, sometimes mischievous, sheep.

Many artists begin their creative journeys by exploring fan art, inspired by the media we know and love. Fan art isn’t just a fun way to show your passion for something, it’s also the perfect opportunity to hone your skills and get noticed by potential clients. So here are some pieces of fan art we made in honour of the upcoming release of Blizzard’s Diablo IV. In this action scene below, the Rogue, Druid and Barbarian have been swarmed by undead cultists, and locked in an epic battle to the death!

This time the Barbarian steals the show as he battles some of The Drowned, bodies that have washed ashore and turned into formidable enemies.

Illegal Fight was another internal project, inspired by Legends of Runeterra, the strategy card game by Riot Games.

This time we wanted to not only stretch our creative legs but flex our animation skills too!