Senior Concept Artist

Daniele Santandrea (Dan) is from Italy, where he studied Graphic Design. He moved to the UK to pursue his passion for games at Teesside University, Graduating with a Masters's Degree in Concept Art for Games and Animation.

After graduating, Dan worked for various mobile game studios before landing a position at Rare, an Xbox Game Studio, where he had the pleasure of joining the Sea of Thieves team. After a few years of working on new updates and cosmetics, Dan decided to move on and join Mooncolony to explore new and interesting projects.

In his 5 years of being a Concept Artist, Dan has moved down through the UK, from Scotland to the Midlands. He still loves to go back home to Italy in the summer and especially enjoys being by the sea. However, he’s become acclimated to England so makes sure to complain about the hot weather!

Dan enjoys reading, music and surrounding himself with things he likes, so he is slowly growing a small collection of books, figures, and instruments that he picks up from time to time when he wants to relax.