Community Manager

As a child growing up in the early 2000s, gaming had a grip on Jayden from a young age. Games like ‘Halo’, ‘Legend of Zelda’ and ‘The Sims’ were all massive influences on him as he grew up. He soon knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the games industry right away. Jayden graduated with a degree in Computer Games Design from the University of Suffolk in 2020. Using his degree and 4 years of managing online communities for games such as Final Fantasy 14, Jayden joined the non-profit organisation Into Games as a community manager, helping people from diverse and low-income backgrounds get jobs in the games industry. Looking for a new challenge and following his interest in the illustration side of the industry, Jayden joined Mooncolony in January of 2023. In his downtime, alongside gaming, Jayden collects and paints miniature models. Four times a year he gets into a suit of armour and takes to the battlefield for a weekend of LARP, often found covered in either paint, or bruises.