Senior Concept Artist

Growing up in Serbia, making a living from art was not a possible option for Milica, so she pursued a degree in IT. At this time, Milica paid close attention to animals and fantasy in games and movies, instead of actual people. Inspired, she started to draw animals and whimsical creatures and occasionally participated in local art competitions. 

Milica eventually found the art-sharing platform, DeviantArt, and discovered that art could be created digitally. So, for her 18th birthday, instead of getting a driving licence like many of her friends, Milica bought herself a laptop and a small Wacom tablet.

Milica started to learn how to draw and paint digitally by watching YouTube tutorials. Her favourite artists included Sandara, Marc Brunet, Mike Azevedo, and Bobby Chiu. Despite the back pain and staying indoors, Milica began turning art into a career, slowly growing her online audience and having a lot of fun doing it. 

Milica started freelancing by taking private commissions, such as family portraits and fantasy-themed couple portraits. Bit by bit her skills improved, so she moved on to working for games and outsourcing studios. Milica worked on exciting IPs including Minion Masters (BetaDwarf), Relentless (Loom Network), Legendary Dragons (Pocket Gems), KeyForge (Fantasy Flight Games), unannounced work from Disney / Ravensburger, AracKhan Wars, Runescape (Jagex) and, of course, Hearthstone (Blizzard Entertainment).

Milicia is now happily with Mooncolony creating exciting Hearthstone illustrations. She loves to hang out with the team on Discord and sits comfortably in her home next to her husband and a fridge full of food. They share their house with many animal friends including a tortoise, fish, cats and chickens! Milica is not only full of biology trivia, but she is also very green-fingered and has a small greenhouse with many plants so that she is self-sufficient.

Warning: Being in a forest/outdoors will trigger survival mode and caveman behaviour.